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Maine Snowmobile Show

MSA Members and friends - A few notes on the MSA’s Maine Snowmobile Show, which will be presented on October 17-18-19 at the Augusta Civic Center.
The annual trails workshop is scheduled for Saturday, Oct 18 beginning at9:30a.m. It is open to all those involved in snowmobile trail maintenance/funding - trailmasters, groomer operators, project directors, club officers are particularly encouraged to attend. Clubs should already be aware that they have an option of picking up their sign orders from the state of Maine Snowmobile Program at the show. If you have any questions about that, give them a call.
If you’re interested in placing your used snowmobile in the used sled corral, a consignment form and details have been posted at The Corral will be open on Sat and Sun. Drop off/pickup times and details are on the form. Reminder: MSA clubs can bring grooming equipment to sell in the corral at no charge, but they still need to fill out a consignment form. Thank you to the Hillside Family Riders club for running the corral for the MSA!
Reports are that the antique/vintage sled display room is pretty close to full already with over 2 dozen snowmobiles committed to the event.
There will be a safety room this year, where attendees can take the Ride Right Ride Smart safety cd training on a computer. If you have kids in need of this info, or you need a refresher yourself, you are welcome.
A number of political candidates plan to visit the show. Members, step up and say hi, this is a good opportunity to get a word in with the politicians who may soon be in a position to help the sport.
Members who have volunteered to help out at the show, thank you. See you there.