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Thank you to everyone who responded to our alert and took the time to contact their legislators! The hearing on the bills was held yesterday, and the result was all good for snowmobiling.
LD-483, "An Act To Improve Enforcement of Snowmobile Noise Levels," Was approved by the IF&W Committee right after the public hearing and is now on to the full Legislature where it is virtually assured of passage.
LD-506, "An Act To Allow Reciprocal Recognition of New Hampshire and Maine Snowmobile Registrations, " The IF&W Committee worked the bill after the public hearing and has agreed to kill it. They will have another discussion on issues that are unrelated to reciprocity, but for all practical purposes this issue is dead.
Your voices are what made the difference.
Every member of the Committee told me that they heard you loud and clear. Thank you for your efforts to help keep snowmobiling thriving in Maine.
Remember - United we trail, divided we fail.