Annual Land Owner Dinner

Date is set for Oct 29th.

Note the time difference.

4 PM social hour and dinner at 5 PM.

Invites are in the mail.


MSA Club Alert - August Directors Meeting, Membership Packages

To All on the Alert List:
You wouldn’t know it from the weather, but fall is right around the corner and it’s almost time to get ready for another snowmobile season.
The August MSA Directors Meeting is Tuesday, Aug. 23 at the Waterville Elks Lodge 76 Industrial St. in Waterville
Social Hour 5:00, Dinner ($14) 6:00 and the meeting following.
The reservation deadline is the end of the day Weds. Aug. 17.
207-622-6983 or
Please let us know if you are coming even if you’re not having dinner so that we can bring your club's membership packet to the meeting for you.
We’ll also have Super Raffle 2016 tickets and posters available
Have a good weekend and hope to see you there!

Maine Snowmobile Association
PO Box 80, Augusta ME 04332
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Annual Pig Roast

Sept. 10th starting around 4PM.



To all on the Alert List –


I just wanted to let you all know that LD-1600, "An Act Regarding Consent to Land Transfers to the Federal Government,” passed for enactment in the Senate this morning by just one vote. Thank you to everyone who called and e-mailed their senators and representatives. This is proof that your voice is important when it matters. Together we trail, divided we fail…






Bob Meyers, Executive Director


Maine Snowmobile Association

PO Box 80, Augusta ME 04332


MSA Alert - Your Help is Needed - LD-1600

To all on the alert list:
As you know, Roxanne Quimby’s Elliotsville Plantation and their supporters have failed to gain public acceptance  for their national park scheme in the Katahdin Region. They are now using their money and influence to convince the President to unilaterally designate land in the Katahdin Region as a national monument under the Antiquities Act. This would not create a park but would place the land into federal ownership with all the associated rules, regulations and restrictions that would come with federal ownership. Congressional approval would still be required to create a national park, and to date not a single member of Maine’s delegation will introduce the legislation to make that happen.
LD-1600, "An Act Regarding Consent to Land Transfers to the Federal Government," will soon be facing votes in the Maine House and Senate. This bill, sponsored by Rep. Steve Stanley of Medway would protect the interests of the people of Maine. The bill creates a “reverter clause,” that would transfer the land back to Elliotsville Plantation if the President made the monument declaration.
The bill received a split vote of 7-6 in committee with “Ought-Not-To-Pass” prevailing. The first action will be taken by the House, likely on Monday, March 28.
It is important for everyone to contact their legislators and ask them to support this important bill. A national monument designation would bypass any public process and open the door for an unwanted federal intrusion in the Katahdin Region. This could have a terrible effect on abutting private landowners and serious consequences for traditional recreational access in the region.
You can find contact info for your legislators here:
Thanks in advance for your help in protecting the State of Maine from more federal ownership.

- Bob Meyers, Executive Director