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If you would like to donate a little to help with groomer fuel that would be great.  Please use our PayPal which can accept credit/debit cards as well as PayPay.


Early Season Riding

Friendly reminder that the trails are not ready to be riden this time of year.  The ground is still soft and the trails have not been signed yet and you may not be aware of any reroutes.


ARSC Trail Maintenance Team


Snow on Halloween 

Seeing reports from around the state of up to 2 inches of snow on Halloween Day.

Is this a sign of things to come this sledding season?  Let's hope so!


More on Membership

If you haven't received a 2010-2011 membership application in the mail yet please send an email to with your name and address and we will get one out to you right away.  Or you can download a membership application and mail it to ARSC PO Box 108 Presque Isle, ME 04769



Membership cards are going out twice a week as we receive them.

Remember that your key card is good for as long as your membership is in good standing.

Anyone who doesn't renew by Dec. 31st will have their card disabled though, so rejoin before hitting the trails this winter!

You'll be able to rejoin right at the member and landowner dinner on Oct. 16th.


Landowner dinner update

Mail should be going out Sept. 16th or 17th that includes an invite to the landowner dinner, a newsletter and a membership form.  Hope to see everyone there.

Dinner is scheduled for Oct. 16th.

Social Hour at 5pm with dinner served around 6pm.