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If you would like to donate a little to help with groomer fuel that would be great.  Please use our PayPal which can accept credit/debit cards as well as PayPay.


Last Regional MSA Meeting

April 24, 2010

1:00 PM

Washburn Trail Runners

48 Station Rd

Washburn, ME


Regional Meetings Reminder

April 17, 2010

1:00 PM

Smoki Haulers

317 Oakfield/Smyrna Rd

Oakfield, ME


April 18, 2010

1:00 PM

Fort Kent Town Office

416 West Main St.

Fort Kent, ME


Club House Key Cards

Remember to keep your key cards as they are good as long as your memembership is in good standing with the club.  If you throw it out and need a replacement it will cost you $5 next fall.


2010 Membership Numbers

Just a few membership numbers for everyone.

  1. 83 Total members for 2010
  2. 32 New members in 2010
  3. 10 Members in 2009 did not join in 2010

Thanks to everyone who did join during this short sledding season.



Where is the snow?

It was reported at the MSA meeting in Portage Sat. night that there are still some spots that could be ridden west of RT 11 and north of Ashland/Portage if you are willing to trailer in your machines.  East of RT 11 the fields are quite bare at this time and a lot dirt will be found outside of the woods.  If you do attempt to get in that last ride have fun and be safe.  The temps have surely opened up some rivers and lakes.


-Brian Morrison

ARSC S. & T.