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A quick reminder on two upcoming deadlines for members. First, the deadline for applications for the 2014/15 MSA Scholarship is Wednesday April 1. This year the MSA Scholarship Fund will be awarding two $1,000 scholarships to eligible students towards their higher education. The eligibility criteria and application can be found here: Second, the MSA Annual Meeting and Awards Presentations will be Saturday, April 11 at the Pine Tree Camp on North Pond in Rome. This is a great time to get together and celebrate the remarkable year snowmobilers have enjoyed thanks to the hard work and commitment by MSA clubs, members and businesses. The Annual Meeting is at 10:00 am; followed by lunch ($12) and the Annual Awards and Recognitions. One lucky club will also have a chance to win the $200 Pot O’ Gold if they have an MSA director present. Reservation deadline for lunch is noon Tuesday April 7. Call 622-6983 or See you there!
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Trail Report

The Official Snowmobile Trail Report

From the desk of:
Gary Marquis
Caribou Parks & Recreation Department 
55 Bennett Dr.
Caribou, Me. 04736

February 25, 2015


March riding………..the best riding of the season………..trails are awesome……..lots of wildlife, longer days, great company….and don’t forget the Can Am dog sled races this weekend also ski sprints and excellent fishing.

• Lots of sledders going off trail cutting corners, joy riding in fields and causing problems in the system, please stay on marked trails.
• Deer Deer and more Deer are all over watch for tracks on the trails
• Moose are also everywhere.
• Remember gas is sometimes long distances so plan accordingly.
• Logging operation on trail 89 in North Caribou
• Logging operation on trail 76 in Presque Isle going toward Easton.

Trail Info

ITS 85 Oxbow has been doing a great job with rerouting and marking the trails due to the logging operations. Ashland is reporting a logging op. in the Masardis area follow the signs. In the Winterville area there is a slight reroute use the Red River road not the Buggy Brook Road. Two miles north of Oxbow the road is plowed, and it is not in the best of condition. Fort Kent and Eagle Lake are reporting good conditions

ITS 83 Logging operation on the trail in between Carson siding and Washburn also a logging operation North of Madawaska lake South of the Sullivan Road.

ITS 81 Rode a section of this trail last weekend and was in very good shape and well-marked

ITS 92 This trail is in great shape, 92A, and 92B also are in great shape.

ITS 90 another great ride with a combination of wood trails and open fields with some beautiful views, no problems but watch for critters and high banks at road crossings.

ITS 88 Groomed and in great shape

ITS 86 there has been logging on the Oxbow end, but other than that in good shape

ITS 105 Road this trail over the weekend and was in very good shape.

ITS 120 Beautiful trail with great views

RT. 89 Groomed all the way, logging operation behind Bouchard’s Packing shed in North Caribou.

RT. 100 Improved riding from Caswell… remember though there are two branches of this trail one goes north out of Caswell and one goes west further south. They both intersect Rt 89 one closer to Rt 94 and the other closer to the Madawaska River…. Watch for markings.

Easton trails are all groomed and in good condition

Chapman Ridge Runners are in good shape

On the Social Side:

Friday night chicken stew at the Presque Isle clubhouse 5-7 pm

Washburn Trail runners Breakfast / Lunch Saturdays 7-2pm Sunday 7-12pm at the clubhouse

St. Francis Sno Angels Saturday Meals…home cooked meals… stop by off ITS 92 10am-9pm.

Houlton breakfast every Saturday at the clubhouse on the Wiley road in Houlton 6-9

March 1, Breakfast at the Grand Isle Community center 7-11

Madawaska will be hosting 1st annual snowmobile rider’s clinic on March 7th at the clubhouse from 12-4 wardens and North Woods law will be on hand to answer questions.

Fort Fairfield’s annual super draw raffle will be March 7th tickets available from any Fort member.

Sunday March 8th Pleasant Ridge riders Breakfast at the clubhouse from 7-11

March 8th Snow drag racing in St. Francis more info to come.

March 15th Snow drag racing in Houlton more info to come.


Area Update

From the desk of:
Gary Marquis
Caribou Parks & Recreation Department 
55 Bennett Dr.
Caribou, Me. 04736

DATE: December 17, 2014

Happy Holiday’s from Aroostook County………..

Well hopefully the thaw that we experienced last week will be the one and only that will affect our system this year. The weather outside my office as I am writing this report is snowing quite hard, hopefully it will continue overnight. I understand everyone is getting pretty anxious to start riding, but I do caution everyone that not all trails are open nor are they signed as well.

Most projects who have rail trails in there system will try and get out this weekend, as long as mother nature delivers. A reminder most wooded sections of trails are wet and might be impassable as there are trees down due to the summer storms, so if you do try and venture out onto some of these trails bring a saw and help out the club and cut the trees out of the way.

There will be several reroutes in the area some of them will be easily taken care of with simple signage, while a few are going to be a little harder. There is a big beaver dam on ITS 92 app. 2 miles from where St. Francis meets up with Allagash, the St. Francis crew is working on a reroute.

Keep in mind that the Moose and Deer are very prevalent on the Rail trails this time of year so keep an eye out for tracks in the snow.

Trail Info:

ITS 85: Oxbow, Portage, Ashland, and Fort Kent will hold off a little longer, Eagle Lake will try and do something over the weekend.

ITS 83: Most of the Rail bed sections of ITS 83 will have some activity by the weekend. North of Axle on Caribou’s end might not be done, Red Arrow will be out rolling. Frenchville and Madawaska will also be out. There definitely will be gaps so please use caution.

ITS 81: Some clubs will be out during the weekend, so watch for groomers. Caswell, Van Buren, Grand Isle and Madawaska will try and get the snow packed down. Most projects will be putting up signs so if you see them out there, give them a hand as it takes many volunteers to sign trails.

ITS 92: St. Francis has groomed there section, Allagash might go out and check for blowdowns and will be signing this weekend. There is a beaver dam app. 2 miles south of the intersection from where St. Francis and Allagash meet so use caution.

ITS 90: This section will be very sporadic if anything gets done. Fort Fairfield will try and do something, Caribou will also try, Portage might go out, and they have lots of water to deal with. Remember this section of trail through Fort Fairfield and Caribou goes through a lot of open ground and not all field markers have been put out.

ITS 88: The rail bed sections of this trail will have activity during the weekend, so please use caution crossing open fields as there may not be any action until there is more snow.

ITS 86: Houlton will try and be out, Oxbow will be holding off a little longer.

ITS 105: Van Buren, Caribou, and Washburn will be out on this section for the weekend.

RT. 100: Caswell will try and do something over the weekend.

RT. 89: Not open.

Just a few corrections ITS 83 South of Mars Hill going toward Houlton will be open this winter.

Coffins general store is under new ownership not Dean’s Motor Lodge.


Maine Snowmobile Show

MSA Members and friends - A few notes on the MSA’s Maine Snowmobile Show, which will be presented on October 17-18-19 at the Augusta Civic Center.
The annual trails workshop is scheduled for Saturday, Oct 18 beginning at9:30a.m. It is open to all those involved in snowmobile trail maintenance/funding - trailmasters, groomer operators, project directors, club officers are particularly encouraged to attend. Clubs should already be aware that they have an option of picking up their sign orders from the state of Maine Snowmobile Program at the show. If you have any questions about that, give them a call.
If you’re interested in placing your used snowmobile in the used sled corral, a consignment form and details have been posted at The Corral will be open on Sat and Sun. Drop off/pickup times and details are on the form. Reminder: MSA clubs can bring grooming equipment to sell in the corral at no charge, but they still need to fill out a consignment form. Thank you to the Hillside Family Riders club for running the corral for the MSA!
Reports are that the antique/vintage sled display room is pretty close to full already with over 2 dozen snowmobiles committed to the event.
There will be a safety room this year, where attendees can take the Ride Right Ride Smart safety cd training on a computer. If you have kids in need of this info, or you need a refresher yourself, you are welcome.
A number of political candidates plan to visit the show. Members, step up and say hi, this is a good opportunity to get a word in with the politicians who may soon be in a position to help the sport.
Members who have volunteered to help out at the show, thank you. See you there.


Land Owner Dinner

Land Owner and Member dinner is scheduled for Oct. 25th.  Join us at 5pm for a social hour with the traditional steak or chicken dinner at 6pm.